You know that little place inside

that ties into a knot
when you're nervous

or bloats up all big so you think you might


       That place right here
that clenches up all tight,
          gives a little shiver
                                   when you're
faced with goodbye, or a solemn goodnight

Its the place where laughter becomes
The silent spot where our intuition lies...
     Where nervous courage
and excited fear
battle for control of      what works   it's way       up   &       out    your      mouth

My friends like to call me the Kombucha Queen
& I'll tell ya I drink them to
keep this place clean
see it keeps me in tune
so my reception is keen
and instead of self doubt
i can trust where i lean.

The gut can be a real messy place
constricted by pride or the threat of disgrace
        and trusting is hard
 to have faith takes a lot
                     of your self
                                        - but you're truly all that you've got

It's sad, cuz, we all know, at the
                                          end of the day - 
                                                                       deep down on that stage where
                                                                       courage and fear play          -           that

no one else's gut can speak for you
or to you
or through you

We're each alone in our journey
which is pretty frickin nuts
so grab a kombucha &
go follow your guts