Nanny Notes

Sitting alone at the playground

Staring at the bike rack

A lonely lock, left, forgotten

Encompasses the rusty bars 

That sit atop a pile of dirt


worn Earth, twisted metal

And an unknown combination

sitting alone in the dappled light




Children running, running, running

Mothers talking, talking, talking

I'm just watching, watching, watching, 

Hoping that we soon can leave


Babies standing, staring, drooling,

On their collars piles are pooling,

Dolls are passed down sliding, gliding

Down the plastic tubes of fun


Now they're fighting, fighting, fighting, 

Soon there's screaming, yelling, biting,

In the distance someone's mowing,

Too much noise, we've gotta run




Alone she sat, alone she thought

of how the breeze swept cross her back

How children play