The Lady who Loves

Little is known about the Lady who Loves

Except that she matched every outfit with gloves

Her very big heart she could hardly conceal

while her tiny little hands were unable to feel

The story of her love and her lovers is tragic

some say she keeps the gloves on 'cause she's magic

The true reason she donned them few people could tell

but if removed in your presence

you'd be under her spell

With a flick of her wrist and her gentle caress

she turned those who loved her right into a mess

It wasn't her fault, all she wanted to do

was feel loved and let others know they're loved too

But time and again it threw up in her face

and she soon left pools of her lovers disgraced

Could it really be that her touch proved too much

to surpass satisfaction and push people such

that their hearts and their heads and their hands got confused

Leaving lady, and lover, and feelings abused?

What mis(t)ery those little hands did hold

extending straight out from her heart made of gold

But people these days prefer plastic or cash

They look past your heart and size you up by your ass

They crave to be touched with no worry of love

Which is what drove the Lady to try on a glove

Now people gaze warily, intrigued or amused

not comprehending

what she had to choose