the scorching miles

he made Her feel like

all the doors

and all the windows

                                        were sealed up tight

while simultaneously

                                ripping into



Like her


had their own  hearts

                                                and her tongue had toes

                                                that crept

                                                their way

                                                closer to him

                as close as they could


until the


                   in her     ears


and the sob

in her

                stomach               the ache

                                                of her       eyelids


resonated through her hair

                                                      follicle    to    t  i  p


Her fingernail’s     smiles 

never felt quite the same


and through every road trip

she choked on his name

- MB : 2016

The way he makes me feel

Like fire that burns




like the eerie silence when you catch your breath

+ feel relief

after a storm as you begin to truly see,

really feel

the precision of the


and somehow it leaves you

wishing the twister would wind its way back


like you’re the loneliest survivor


like a junkie


like an addict

like a stranger who is more myself than me

like the other girls that he might hurt

like I

never want to

have to


see him again


Her prophetic gift seemed

a blessing   at first       but

vision     without     patience

is really a                      curse